AnimationsHire Me
Flash animations designed and created for class projects.
Mad Max
Mad Max Monologue
A Kinetic-Type animation of a monologue from the film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.
Mad Max
Go Wind-Animation
An animation that integrates the static print designs above into dynamic and interactive information.
Interactive Letterform Anatomy
An animation built with several other students from Studio 2453. It was designed as part of class web project, and features letterforms from a serif and sans serif font.

Self-Portrait Animation

An Anonymous Self-Portrait
An interactive examination of a self-portrait housed in the WVU Fine Arts Collection.

Below are several print projects that I have designed over the past few years. To view a gallery, click the thumbnail and use your arrow keys or mouse to advance slides.
Go Wind-Information Graphics A series of hypothetical information graphics that feature the possibilities of wind generated power in the state of West Virginia. Be sure to visit the Go Wind animation below.
Dialogue-Type Study
A rhythmic lay-out of a conversation between a Captain and Doctor during dinner on the ship, from the film Master and Commander.
BridgeDay-Shirts, Logo, and Posters
Printed materials designed for the annual event in Fayetteville, WV. Buy your 2010 official BridgeDay shirt at
Millstone-Logo, Menu, Coffee Labels
Printed materials for The Millstone: Ice Cream, Coffee, Desserts, located in Bruceton Mills, WV.
Hostetler's Labels and Logo
A great little country store, with fresh new labels and logo. Check them out next time you're in Bruceton Mills, Wv.
History of G
Letterform Study: History of G
A Layout focusing on the G letterform throughout the history of font styles.
A Collection of logos designed for local businesses and during an internship with WVU Creative Services.
Several posters designed for WVU related promotions.
Postcards designed for WVU related events and information.