Paintings, Drawings, and Coming Soon... Hand-made Stuff
A collection of recent paintings and drawings completed in the past several years. This is where any one-of-a-kind, tactile works completed in the future will be posted. Some works below and more to come will be available for purchase in the coming months, so check back often to see what's for sale. To view a gallery, click the thumbnail and use your arrow keys or mouse to advance slides.
Everything is For Sale
Everything is For $ale
A portrait of my lovely aunt in the antique mall. 24x36 oil on canvas 2010
Big Fish Eat the Little Ones
The first of a series of larger than life experiences with local West Virginia scenery. 20x30 oil on canvas 2009 THIS PAINTING IS FOR SALE
Lilly & Griff
Lilly and Griff
A commissioned portrait. 18x24 oil on linen 2007
Grandma & Boppa
A portrait of my grandparents. 16x20 oil on canvas 2007
Master Copies
Master Copies (With Hats)
Several paintings copied from master works. (3) 16x20 oil on canvas 2007-2008
Studio Paintings
Studio Models
Models painted from life in the studio. Various sizes-oil on canvas 2007-2009
A strange assortment of interesting doodles and cartoons, ripped from the pages of my sketchbooks for your enjoyment.