AnimationsHire Me
Flash animations designed and created for class projects. Click the thumbnail of the animation you wish to view.
Mad Max
Mad Max Monologue
A Kinetic-Type animation of a monologue from the film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.
Mad Max
Go Wind-Animation
An animation that integrates the static print designs above into dynamic and interactive information.
Shape Animation
A short animation featuring the design element: Shape.

Self-Portrait Animation

An Anonymous Self-Portrait
An interactive examination of a self-portrait house in the WVU Fine Arts Collection.

Below are several print projects that I have designed over the past few years. To view a gallery, click the thumbnail and use your arrow keys or mouse to advance slides.
Go Wind-Information Graphics A series of hypothetical information graphics that feature the possibilities of wind generated power in the state of West Virginia. Be sure to visit the Go Wind animation below.
Dialogue-Type Study
A rhythmic lay-out of a conversation between a Captain and Doctor during dinner on the ship, from the film Master and Commander.
BridgeDay-Shirts, Logo, and Posters
Printed materials designed for the annual event in Fayetteville, WV. Buy your 2010 official BridgeDay shirt at
Millstone-Logo, Menu, Coffee Labels
Printed materials for The Millstone: Ice Cream, Coffee, Desserts, located in Bruceton Mills, WV.
Hostetler's Labels and Logo
A great little country store, with fresh new labels and logo. Check them out next time you're in Bruceton Mills, Wv.
History of G
Letterform Study: History of G
A Layout focusing on the G letterform throughout the history of font styles.
A Collection of logos designed for local businesses and during an internship with WVU Creative Services.
Several posters designed for WVU related promotions.
Postcards designed for WVU related events and information.